Life Pt. 2 – A response to The Gal

The moment passes, and I am standing here,

often by myself, often surrounded,
but never really able to find that special peace.

The days rush in and the days creep out,
Out damn spot, that cross that I shall bear,
The lives you led, laid, and lead
You live to solve, to fix, to find one glorious end.

Ask me not a question,
For inevitably it is not the one.
Ask me where, when and how,
and I will be there, here and now.

– Inspired by Life


The pale sheen of??translucence,

the swift pressures,
the gasp as the immense pleasure,
the body parts dangling off,
the fissures, the blanks in your desires,
there there, there, there.

The thick vapored silence,
– As you relaxed
The hanging laundered sheets,
– You smelt the Persil??
The wisp, the swirls, the droplets of suspended ice and water,
– Your eyes met his
The metal birds that gave you flight,
– You dreamed of a club sky high
The blue, the stark, enjoy'd blue, The sky,
– They seemed so friendly
The eyes, they roll, they rolled back,
– As you reached your high.

There, They lay,
They lain down,
There, They see,
The seen saw,
There, His scent,
She missed it thence,

Here Lies X,
May God Rest Her Soul.

BBC News – Plans for fully elected House of Lords ‘due shortly’ – Ridiculous

House of Lords at state opening of Parliament

All peers, apart from 92 hereditary peers, are currently appointed

Proposals for a fully elected House of Lords will be set out shortly by the government, the transport secretary has told the BBC.

Lord Adonis said Justice Secretary Jack Straw would outline full plans soon, ahead of a firm commitment to reform in the Labour election manifesto.

He said being fully elected was “the only way that a legislative assembly can be legitimate in the modern world”.

The Tories have said they want to see a “mainly elected” second chamber.

The Lib Dems also say they want to replace the current House of Lords with a fully elected second chamber.

‘Workmanlike assembly’

The Sunday Telegraph claims to have seen leaked proposals to create a new chamber in which all members are UK residents and fully domiciled for tax purposes.

That requirement follows the controversy surrounding Lord Ashcroft, Tory donor and deputy party chairman, who has admitted being a “non-dom”.

Members would also be subject to a US-style “recall ballot” which would disqualify them for incompetence, and would be directly elected through a form of proportional representation to serve fixed terms of up to 15 years, the paper reported.

They’ll be firm proposals and they’ll build on the big changes we’ve already made to the House of Lords

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis

Lord Adonis said the removal of most of the hereditary peers from the House of Lords under Labour in 1999 had “fundamentally transformed” the chamber into a “workmanlike assembly”.

But he said more reform was still needed and would be outlined soon.

“I think the time has now come to make it legitimate in the only way that a legislative assembly can be legitimate in the modern world, which is to be elected, and Jack Straw will be setting out full proposals very shortly,” he said.

“There will be firm proposals in our manifesto for an elected House of Lords.

“Of course, you couldn’t introduce that reform until after the election, but they’ll be firm proposals and they’ll build on the big changes we’ve already made to the House of Lords.”

Currently, the Lords is made up of 746 peers, including 92 hereditary peers who were saved in the 1999 cull. At present, it is not possible for members to be expelled.

Critics of further reform warn that electing the Lords would lead to a power struggle with the House of Commons.

But Lord Adonis said: “We can do it in this country as most democracies do it: we’d have two chambers, both of which are elected but with the government accountable to the first chamber.”

I do NOT believe that an Elected House of Lords would necessarily make a stronger upper house. The function of the Lords is to be a revisionary and perhaps even a stronger deliberative body than the House of Commons, which can fall prey to the petty politics of the day. I believe this because of the expertise that may flow from the Lords’ members which come from all backgrounds, and are members of industry, arts, academia, the legal professions etc.

The Lords should be more representative, should be more democratic but I do not believe this requires this body be wholly elected.

And yes I particularly believe that struggles for power and jurisdiction will occur if there are two wholly elected bodies because BOTH can claim to hold the people’s interest. Whereas if the Lords’ could be made non-partisan, and seen not to fall prey to petty politics, then the Lords can better perform its job.

Israeli Raid Cancelled After Very Stupid Facebook Post – Facebook – Gizmodo

Israeli Raid Cancelled After Very Stupid Facebook Post

If you’re in the military, here’s a tip: don’t put upcoming missions in your Facebook status. You wouldn’t think someone would need to tell you that, but here we are.

A raid on suspected militants in the West Bank was cancelled yesterday after an Israeli soldier updated his Facebook status to read “On Wednesday we clean up Qatanah, and on Thursday, god willing, we come home.” The solider has since, unsurprisingly, been relieved of combat duty for being a moron. He’ll also spend 10 days in prison for his update.

Trying to educate soldiers on the importance of not leaking classified info to Facebook, the Israel Defense Forces have started putting up new posters in bases:

In posters placed on military bases, a mock Facebook page shows the images of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. Below their pictures – and Facebook “friend requests” – reads the slogan: “You think that everyone is your friend?”

I really want to see one of those posters. Anyone in the IDF want to send us a picture? My email address is below. I won’t post it on Facebook, promise. [NY Times]

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The best SIGINT, HUMINT, the biggest nukes and the most advanced tech cannot account for human stupidity.