The pale sheen of??translucence,

the swift pressures,
the gasp as the immense pleasure,
the body parts dangling off,
the fissures, the blanks in your desires,
there there, there, there.

The thick vapored silence,
– As you relaxed
The hanging laundered sheets,
– You smelt the Persil??
The wisp, the swirls, the droplets of suspended ice and water,
– Your eyes met his
The metal birds that gave you flight,
– You dreamed of a club sky high
The blue, the stark, enjoy'd blue, The sky,
– They seemed so friendly
The eyes, they roll, they rolled back,
– As you reached your high.

There, They lay,
They lain down,
There, They see,
The seen saw,
There, His scent,
She missed it thence,

Here Lies X,
May God Rest Her Soul.

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