I thought I'd quickly write up my experience at the French Ambassador's Residence in Singapore because it's still fresh and it'd give you, my lovely readers a chance to actually attend all the events that will be coming up as part of VoiLah. A celebration of the crossroads, le Carrefour if you will, of both Singaporean and French culture.

My personal wishlist (for I will be unable to personally grace any of these events):

A Singaporean in Paris – 15th -24th Apr. Created by an Authentic French woman, who spoke passionately about the expatriate experience and deciding that no one was actually interested in being an expat in Singapore *pouf c'etait un cliche non?" she thought of writing a musical about the Singaporean expatriate in gay Paris. With a cast that screams of the Who's Who of our local theatre scene, this musical immediately appealed to me as a Francophile!

Parisienne – 01 – 16th May. @ Ion Art Gallery. Celebrating the street art of Miss.Tic, this exhibition appealed to me immediately for reminding me of the richness of European street art. *what locals may call graffiti, even when SingPost decides to do it to their own postboxes* Alas, leave it to Singapore to drag street art kicking and screaming into an art gallery. But at least, at least it'll give us locals a chance to appreciate this urban feature so foreign to us.

And this: Mark your calendars.

From May 1-15, several French restaurants and the fabulous Hediard will be holding special promotions celebrating French cuisine. Hediard was kind enough to let us sample their delicate Madelines and I have to say, even though they were minuscule, they were the BEST I've ever had. Makes you wonder how Delifrance can even call those spongy cakey … things they make "Madelines". But the restaurants that you should look out for is my personal fave, Choupinette which will be doing a modest $30-40 set menu. Whilst Michelin Starred chef, Laurent Peugeot will be at the Hilton's Harbour Grill and Oyster bar for a slightly pricier but probably so much more satisfying experience. And what would a meal be without… yummy choccy. Laurent Bernard will also be doing a $30 box of chocs which I know one of you will be buying for me 🙂

??- by the by, I refused to touch my Pierre Herme chocolates for the longest time, so precious it was to me-??

So that's it. These are the events I feel are worth looking out for. And why not, because whilst we may always have Paris, Paris won't always have us.??

P.S. It was most interesting, meeting the famous Dawn Yang in person, as well as catching up with Fashion Nation's Stephie Tan. Also a special shout out to Sandy from The Cookie Cutter who has a truly imitable sense of style :).



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