Iomega and Me

I've been an Iomega fan from a very young age, having used their Superdrive originally to back up my old computer onto rewritable CDs. Back then it was an external drive that I used to back up my Data. I also remember using those old School ZIP drives with the Apple Macs and saving my little videos onto it. However now in this day and age, rewritable CDs and DVDs are old hat and we all do our backups onto hard drives or into the cloud. Iomega has finally returned to Singapore with a few new tricks up it's sleeve. And the gadgets like the Zip and Jaz drives though old have definitely made a strong impression on my early tech travails. But the most important revelation that was provided to us at the Iomega event was the new software that allowed you to created a virtualised copy of your computer that you could take onto any other computer and have it work as if it was right in front of you. Though it is unfortunate that it's quite difficult nowadays to differentiate on hardware, with amazing software there can be some really great things done!??Amazing stuff.

Also high on my list was the iConnect, which lets you connect the device to a router and create several network attached hard drives and printers which could be easily accessed by a web interface. All very impressive, and definitely a good solution to those WHERE IS THAT PHOTO? Oh it's on Mom's Computer and it's in China, problems. It'd be best for a family like mine to create a central location to store our digital life.

Great to see a venerable brand come back! And I'm looking forward to more innovation from the wonderful folks over at Iomega. šŸ™‚



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