The Singtel Diet and Facebook

First the Good news: Singtel now lets you use a free version of Facebook with no pictures and just text at This is optimised particularly for Cellular phones and will not incur data charges should you choose to use it. Whee, Facebook domination!??

And The SingTel Diet.??

I've been having a rather scary experience lately with Singtel and yet it has also been perfectly pleasant.

Singtel's been very commonly known as Stinktel largely because of it's mediocre customer service and what seems to be terrible support. The experience I've had lately seemed to paint a much more nuanced look at the conglomerate that does a large majority of the telecoms for our small island nation.??

I recently applied for Mio Home, Singtel's package deal which includes broadband, TV coverage (where ESPN recently switched), and landline. The experience at ComCentre was not only great but patient and knowledgable. The service staff that dealt with me took the time to try and explain everything to me. And my appointment date for installation was set for 16th of July 2-4 pm.

Cut to 16th of July. 2-4pm. There was no set up dude, not butt crack brigade. No. Nothing. Not a phone call, not a peep. Cue Jerrick's angry phonecall to Singtel (Partially because Jerrick MISSED lunch for Singtel). The lady on the other side was… clueless to put it politely. However, she had at least the intelligence to escalate the issue to a manager. And boy was he a Manager. He said that he would coordinate across Comcentre, taking down the name of the guy who did the work over in ComCentre because he had set my appointment date for the 31st of December (WHAT?) and with the technical team, AND he would also make sure the technical team would work it out.

So cut to new appointment date: 19th of July. 10ish. Phone call from Singtel Customer Care, a very apologetic lady calling to say Sorry Mr. Lim but we can't make it 2-4, will 6-8 work? Cue Accomodating Jerrick. Yes I will have take out dinner instead, and survive on Fishball Noodles (very nice btw thanks for asking) for your sake. Cut to 930… Mom asks… Are they coming?

So today here we stand at 1202, July 20th. I had made one final phone call earlier, and yet again, a HIGHLY apologetic and??accommodating??dude from Singtel was on the phone explaining that my appointment had been set for the 20th at 2-4… and he apologised for the mistake. Wait. Was that My or YOUR Mistake? And yet again it seems like I have to cancel a lunch appointment, or EVEN lunch itself for Singtel.

It seems like the best solution for weight loss is NOT in fact, a healthy diet, and exercise like the doctors recommend. But subscribing to Mio, because that way you don't have to eat at all.

Referring back to my initial statement though, why did I say that the experience has been perfectly pleasant? Because I genuinely believe that the people who tried to help me DID believe in their technical team's ability to ford the rivers, and parang those foreboding trees standing between themselves and my home. And they did also believe that it would work out perfectly and magically provide me the ability to watch football at odd hours of the morning in the comfort of my own home. However that belief seems to be tempered by a COMPLETELY incompetent engineering team who can't even seem to work the device known commonly as the Telephone, to report home that erm. Can't make it, SORRY.

And the worst part in ALL this is – I have no choice in the matter. If I want ESPN. I must switch to Singtel.

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