This is how you burlesque indeed. Where do I start, the costumes, the lights, the lighting, the sets, the stage, the drama, All of it??cumulating??in a song and dance spectacular. Every Night. The movie is thoroughly mesmerising from start to finish, but the flash, and pomp, really makes you wonder what exists under it all.

The story, to put it bluntly was a bit of a flop. I am not sure I ever engaged with the characters at all. However, anyone with half a brain would realise this before even sitting down to enjoy this romp, and lower their expectations accordingly. If you're here for an amazing ride, filled with lights, glitz and a vague sense of Hollywood glamour gone past, then Burlesque fills the spot with much more to give.

Stanley Tucci seems to have become Hollywood's Go-To guy for the older gay man, a niche he fills perfectly and frankly helps to drag Cher's acting out of the mediocre. Eric Dane's "villian" somehow was portrayed much too sympathetically in my eyes, and never makes you really feel like there's any reason to believe that the club is really under threat. Having said all that, you're here for the song and dance. So here it is.

Christina Aguilera is, in a word, phenomenal. The dancing is spot on and sexy. Her singing has lost none of its power from what must have been more than 10 years now, and is certainly leaps and bounds ahead of her contemporary, Ms. Britney Spears. All this added to the sets and kinetic film-making and she truly is a beautiful spectacle to watch. Cher's appearance in the film, whist acting wise is wholly perfunctory, outshone even Ms. Aguilera in the show stopping ballad, "You haven't seen the last of me" – all that raw power, and emotion bubbles up and out into a brilliant crescendo about halfway through the film.??

Cam Gigendet, (those of you who remember played Volchok in The O.C.) is a marvel for those of you out there who're searching for Male Eye-Candies, and you know which of my readers I'm talking about ;). And for those who enjoy lady eye candy, the "slut", played by Kirsten Bell is gorgeous, though honestly, the entire cast seems to be made up of lovely honeys, drawn from the very best whorehouses around the world. *And I mean that in the absolute best/nicest way possible.*

One of the secret surprises, is the doorman, played by Alan Cumming, he has a short 2-3 minute "show" in the movie which is absolutely hilarious and brilliant to watch.

Watch Burlesque, if you even have a vague interest in song and dance on stage. Just don't expect this to be Moulin Rouge 2.

3.5/5 Stars.

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