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Fateful Flights of Fancy

Flying is a sport to some, and to these people, it is not the destination that is the point of travel, but the travelling, that process of checking one's self in, passing through surly immigration officials and subjecting yourself to the glorious indignity of a strip search/X-ray scan/pat-or-rubdown and finally paying for overpriced airport food, waiting in a lounge for a plane that is the real reason for travel. Being treated for 7 glorious hours like a number, a number with a LETTER at the end even. This is the story of my flight of fancy, on Emirates going from Economy to First Class back to Economy then to Business Class, from Birmingham Airport to Colombo and back, by way of the capital of the Maldives, Male and Dubai.

Arriving at Birmingham airport, one begins to wonder WHY, oh WHY can't Heathrow be even half as nice as this, and of course the answer is simple, Heathrow is bursting at its seams whilst Birmingham, feels like a small town pub. You check in swiftly and efficiently and walk upstairs to immigration and security, emerging at the other side to glorious duty free, along with a lovely little Burger King and Pret a Manger.??

I'm gonna talk about my Economy class flights from Birmingham to Colombo very briefly here, and simply state that Emirates' economy is actually a very good product. The food is always very adequate, the drinks does flow, generally, and most importantly, the flight attendants are quite ok. Though as with any airline, you get moments of meh. It's not so bad as to stop me from flying with them ever again, but with the recent changes to the Skywards program, that may indeed compel me to switch away from EK.

Anyway – Arriving in Colombo, I was greeted at the aerobridge by a lovely Sri Lankan member of the groundstaff, so it began my brief trip through Sri Lankan bureaucracy, let me just say: I nearly broke the law, and very definitely caused a big hullabuloo, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, this is my boarding pass for FIRST CLASS from Colombo to Dubai. Yeah, that's right. ??


But yes, First class was now within my grasp. I'll talk more about my flight in First Class in my next blogpost.