Crazy Stupid Love

I watched Crazy Stupid Love. And like all good Hollywood Rom Coms, it’s perfect. It’s got the perfect amount of sex, love, hate, breakup, “aw-shucks” moments and the perfect ending. I like this movie because it tells me that life truly isn’t perfect. Sometimes it has to rain, however cliche it may be, sometimes the guy you meet at the bar is actually an asshole, but becomes your loveable asshole. And sometimes your fears and self doubt don’t actually mean anything when faced with the prospect of something that you know is the right thing for you.

Even the resolution is ideal, it’s perfect in it’s very Hollywood way, it’s predictable, and the ending, however perfect, also telegraphed from the first 20 minutes of the movie. Do I wish for a different movie? No. Do I wish it was more European by leaving the possibility of heartache? Definitely. The cast of this show is perfect. I love Julianne Moore, she’s so flexible and is so unbelievably funny that she actually serves as a foil to the lovely Steve Carrell. I fell in love with Emma Stone from the moment she stepped on screen, with her lines and delivery; and Ryan Gosling is perfect as the photoshopped god. He also demonstrates the breadth to play a much shallower character trapped in a beautiful body, and whilst not the strongest performance, is merely outshone because of the sheer talent he is surrounded by on this cast. Even incidental cast members like the Asian chick best friend and the other Dad/Mom are truly hilarious and drive the movie forward.

The movie is beautifully shot, (my fave moment is when Gosling’s character is sitting at the Bar with Carrell and they’re talking about the *major plot twist* and he’s being shot over the shoulder, a gorgeously tender and intimate shot which stood out for me as just plain ol’ good cinema) as is the choice of music some of which I recall as from my childhood. This movie reminds me of the highs and greats of Grey’s Anatomy and definitely earns a place on the list of surprisingly good rom coms of this decade.

4.5/5 Stars! (Less .5 coz I didn’t see enough of Emma Stone)


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