Quick and Dirty Review: Tree of Life

If you like movies that get to the point, just go somewhere else. This movie is filled with moments that feel like the movie has actually ended and yet is still going on. It's that kind of movie to me.

I understand that ultimately the reason why I am so negative about this movie is also because I just did not understand the conceit behind this movie. Ostensibly it is about a family. About the fatherly figure's (Brad Pitt – a masterful performance by an actor who is so sure of his craft and his talent) struggle through life, about the wife's struggle (Jessica Chastain – her only purpose in this movie is to offer sad and distant looks, save one beautiful scene of real joy when the husband was out of the house) against the world and the husband. About an angry son, and his pliant younger brother. About flashes of disaster and ecstasy in life. Each individual moment in the movie is beautifully crafted, and the score in this movie is truly magnificent. But to call this movie a good movie is a bridge too far, coherence in narrative and structure no matter how deconstructed and modern a movie attempts to be, has to be present, and the fast and loose way this film maker plays with time, space, reality and dream leaves me with a really bad taste in my mouth.

I cannot recommend this movie, because I am not convinced that a selection or a string of beautiful constructed moments makes up a movie, however if you do in fact want to see a movie as I've described, then it can prove to be quite a rewarding and enjoyable roll in the proverbial hay of avant garde cinema. A much more enjoyable and lighthearted movie in general however, would have to be??Crazy Stupid Love, and that will be where I spent my re-watch $$ if I were to re-watch a movie this summer.

3/5 Stars

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