Remembering Steve Jobs

The funny thing about Steve Jobs is, he wasn't a nice guy. He's been known in the media industry to be passive aggressive, highly protective, bad tempered and all manner of unpleasant. He was however, a genius. And today, on the day of his passing, many will remember the lives that he has touched, the company he has built, got fired from and rebuilt and most importantly the very intimate and personal experiences they have with gadgets that he has had a hand in. It would not be hyperbole at all to say that has in fact played a part in designing almost every device of the 21st century, as every modern gadget has some influence by Apple, either thoroughly rejecting their clean slick and buttonless approach, or adopting it almost wholesale but never managing to reach it's purity of purpose, form and function. Apple is a company that will live on, but the tech industry lost a genius today and he will be mourned. One can only hope we can find someone, anyone who could match his level of brilliance in our lifetime.


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