Trip Report: In Pursuit of Lower Fares, and Better Service. LHR-ZRH and onwards to SIN!

Swiss is my favourite European airline. There, I’ve said it. I may love Lufthansa for it’s big network, I may like Germanic efficiency, hell, I may even have fallen in love with those wonderfully Lufthansa style meals that are identical no matter what flight you are on. But there’s something special about Swiss. Maybe its the chocolates you get on the flight. Or maybe it’s that smile that the stewardess sneaks you as she calls you by your name, or maybe, it’s because Swiss is just cheaper and better than it’s bigger German sister. Also, with Swiss I managed to book a flight via Swiss on Singapore Airlines. Yeah. So I get two for the price of 1. An amazing Business Class experience (for not much more than Singapore Airlines Economy) and a chance to get re-aquainted with Swiss’ European Business Class.


My routing today is LHR-ZRH at 0600hrs on an Airbus A321. The flight is fully packed this cold December day and I was sitting next to this modelesque type lady who was before me in the queue at the Check in Area at Heathrow, screaming down the phone about how she would NEVER fly Swiss again. Oh well. Anyway onwards! Below is the customary legroom shot, a shot of the view out the window, the overhead lockers reserved for business class and the pre take off drink.


Business Class on Swiss intra Europe is simply a curtain drawn, but what a difference a curtain makes, the food served is warm, the service attentive, and you are the first one off the plane. Valuable if you are flying through Zurich and have a short connection. *Also – why doesn’t Zurich have priority lanes for Business Passengers passing through security. Such a bother* But the flight itself was uneventful. Breakfast was the best omelette I’ve ever had on a plane and decimated the breakfast served to me 14 hours later on SQ! The omelette was light and fluffy, not quite to french standards of gooey deliciousness but really good for an airplane omelette! The sausage was perfectly cooked and the spinach tasty. The omelette was served with a tomato salsa, which was perfect, and I completely demolished the plate, along with two beautiful croissants. Coffee was normal as were the other drinks.


Transiting through Zurich is easy, but this trip was a bit frustrating as I got a bit lost a couple of times, like there was a little concealed door that would have taken me from Terminal E to Terminal A and B, it was a TINY little door and when found, had a MASSIVE queue. Not quite up to Swiss standards. But I did what I had to do and got to the Gate in time to meet my ride. A beautiful Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800. 

More to come!



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