I love Sting.

There’s something monumentally beautifully about his voice. 


Quick Review: Hugo

A beautiful movie, but certainly not worth all the hype. What really makes this movie fail for me is that it is flat throughout the entire movie. There was no climax, no moment when I truly believed that the protagonist was ever in real danger. What really made me unable to immerse in the experience as well was how thoroughly unlikable I found the main character, Hugo. Which perhaps is also because I found a lot of his actions thoroughly inscrutible. We never understand why he is unable to simply open his mouth and save his own skin. Whereas his intrepid "girlfriend" is a delight to watch and rescues this boy from complete and utter boredom. Many good performances are put in by Christopher Lee, by the Shopkeeper and by Sasha Baron Cohen who plays a most convincing moustache twirling villain, but is also a trope that has been done to oblivion and thus fails as well.??

2/5 Stars. Both of it for Art Direction and Sound. But an otherwise thoroughly boring and unconvincing movie.