To Rome with Love

Frequent readers of my blog will think that this is yet another paean to the joys of Rome, but really this is about the movie, out recently by Woody Allen. This is a fantastic movie, written with a clear and unadulterated love for the Eternal City. However, of course, this is not Mr. Allen's best work. The stories in this movie are a tad predictable, and nothing seen here is particularly new. However, there is much joy to be found nevertheless in this story about the lives of different people in Rome. The tourists who arrive on a bumpy Alitalia flight (sneaky product placement notwithstanding), The worldly American who is in Rome for a visit??reminiscing??about a long lost love (Alec Baldwin at his finest most self-deprecating best), the Movie almost-Starlet (Ellen Page who is absolutely having a post Inception boom), the prostitute (Ms. Penelope Cruz, who will be forever to me the sexiest woman to have lived and breathed and walked on this Earth), and the couple who venture to Rome for the first time, only to be chewed up and spit out by that most enchanting of cities.??

I loved the cinematography and the soundtrack was mesmerising. With a beautiful opening number that made me fall in love with the movie immediately, this movie knows exactly which of my heartstrings to pull. One could say that this movie was almost written precisely for me, with stunning shots of Rome in all of it's beauty,beautiful people, gorgeous sounds to accompany it, and most importantly, characters that you wanted to care for. Of course, some bits of this movie are a bit naff, with Woody Allen's own story line a particular oddity in my book, but all in all, I found it very easy to love this movie. This movie that reminded me so much of my own love affair with the city that made me fall in love too easily, that city that gave me so many small moments of joy and so many big glorious memories too beautiful to share. If only the storyline was sharpened up a tad, and the characters given a bit more development, this would be the perfect movie. I recommend this movie for a date, or just to have a light enjoyable couple of hours watching a city that one would find it impossible to hate.


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