Skyfall – Adele

This song is the new James Bond Theme for the upcoming movie Skyfall. This reminds me of the old iconic James Bond songs, like GoldenEye by Tina Turner and written by Bono of U2, or License to Kill by Gladys Knight, A View to A Kill by Duran Duran, and one of my personal favourites, Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow. Adele lends her big full voice to a piece to a piece replete with Leitmotives from the classic James Bond Theme and although the lyrics are not the best work, with some quarters calling it almost slavish in imitating the 60’s style Bond songs. It is a relief from the past few Bond movies, which have almost discarded the template completely, with Die Another Day, a particular question mark hanging over the compendium of James Bond songs. Whilst Chris Martin’s You Know My Name is a stand out piece amongst the Daniel Craig Bond songs, not many people agree that the past few Bond songs are the beautiful swirling beauties we remember. I fear that Skyfall whilst a fantastic piece of music, may fall into the latter category, and even though Adele’s vocals are, as always, phenomenal, (the first time I heard the song in it’s entirety, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end), the actual wording and music I fear may have been a bit too uninspired to make it into the books as the BEST James Bond song.

— EDIT after a few more re-hearings

My opinion has evolved a little. This song is seriously beginning to grow on me and although the lyrics haven’t changed obviously, the music paired with Adele’s vocals and the orchestration has ensured that this song will stick with me for a LONG LONG LONG while. So, whilst I’m a little concerned that the words aren’t perfect, who cares really, it’s a great piece of music, and obviously means something in the context of the film that will make me go: OH MY G. This is the most bleeding perfect piece of music for this movie! *Runs around screaming*… So yeah. Good GOSH I long-winded.

The Long and Short of it = Love it. Adele at her very best. Buy it nao.


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