W Hotel Follow Up – Customer Service Frustration

Those of you who’ve read my previous post will be aware of all the facts of this incident. And I would just like to follow up with what has happened. The hotel has offered us hospitality and a complimentary room upgrade the next time we stay there. The GM of the hotel wrote an email directly to me to apologise for the incident and to inform me that “ I can guarantee you that it was not done voluntary. The talent whom got the information at the Welcome desk have been reminded to check first if the room number is matching with the name to avoid any mistake.”

On a separate personal note, I think it speaks very much to the ordinary frustrations of anyone when faced with such a problem that it takes a blogpost, and a frantic scramble on Twitter before any resolution can be effected. After I posted about this incident, Starwood’s official Twitter account tweeted me to offer their assistence. But I don’t think that should be the norm! Good Customer Service should be an automatic response, not one which needs to be forced out of the hotel by the customer!

I would very much love to close the book on this incident, and thank everyone for their support received on Twitter and Facebook. Starwood Buzz (@starwoodbuzz) should also be noted for proactively reaching out to me, and I really do appreciate that. Hopefully my next stay at a Starwood Property (St. Regis Singapore in Feb :D:D) would be reflective of all my previous wonderful experiences with Starwood.


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