Being a Tourist in your own Country

Many people complain that Singapore is a terribly boring place. But my recent travels around Singapore with my friend, Hayley, who was here for a week was enlightening. We had lots of work to do, so we were only able to join Hayley for a few days out of the seven. But there were some  highlights from our time together.

Keong Saik Street

On Hayley’s last day in Singapore, we took her to Keong Saik street, and had dinner at Muchachos, it was not only absolutely delicious, but the staff there are knowledgable about their product and just all round fun people to be around. After a hearty dinner, we slipped into the Library, the uber exclusive barber cum speakeasy, that serves up mean drinks, handsome barkeeps and a sexy ambience. All very fun and not something you’d expect of Singapore at all.

Night Safari/River Safari

It’s very easy to forget that Singapore has one of the best Zoos in the world. The sights and sounds found at the River Safari and Night Safari rival that of some very fancy theme parks, and the entire experience is very slick and fun.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens

Although the Botanic Gardens are beautiful in and of itself, but the exhibits within it are really quite interesting. If you have never visited the Singapore Orchid Garden, it is most definitely worth a visit. Orchids as such an integral part of the Singapore story, and is such a fun trip to make in the day.

Be sure to look out for my next post on food in Singapore coming soon!


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