Big Phone Week

It has been a big week for phones.


The iPhone 5c and 5s have been launched and as usual the craze over those phones have overwhelmed most people. However, it is also worth noting that this year’s iPhone launches have attracted a much more muted response compared to previous years, with focus being placed mostly on the new iOS 7 operating system as well as the emergence of new colours for both the iPhone 5s and 5c. Whilst I was unable to attend Singtel’s launch day festivities as I usually did for the past couple of years, there was no less of a brouhaha this year over the iPhone product launch.



(Image Courtesy of Singtel)

Note 3

Samsung’s latest competitor in the smartphone space has also emerged, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launching coming to Singapore soon. Singtel has announced their pricing for a two year contract and they are as follows. It is expected that their Starhub and M1 competitors to provide similar price points for their mobile phone price plans.

Plan Lite Value Plus Premium
Monthly Subscription $39.90 $59.90 $99.90 $239.90
Local Calls (minutes) 100 200 500 Unlimited
Local SMS 800 900 1,000 Unlimited
Local Data 2GB 3GB 4GB 12GB
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 32GB $618 $348 $98 $0

(Price Plans Courtesy of Singtel)

Finally: BlackBerry

BB has announced the coming of BBM or BlackBerry Messenger to the iPhone and Android. In a growing sign that things are not all that great down in the BB camp, BlackBerry has finally opened up their crown jewel BBM client for use by their former mortal enemies of Android and iPhone. The BBM Client comes to Android 21st September and iOS 22nd September. At the same time however, it is also worth noting that BlackBerry has launched the Z30, an update to the Z10. With a bigger battery and bigger screen, it presents a rather run of the mill effort, that would struggle even against second and third tier Android manufacturers. This does go to show how far this former market leader has fallen in the smartphone races.


A New Way to Sell your Phone

So it looks like Singapore has its very own new online mobile phone selling platform. The company called Bounce Mobile purports to add a price match component, quick transfers of funds as well as a courier pick up of the phone you intend on selling.

Based on a quick look at the website, the iPhone 5 32 gig is being bought at S$525 on Bounce Mobile, and as a matter of comparison, the price you can get on Mobilesquare is S$550. Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going at S$268 on Bounce, it is being bought at S$260 on Mobilesquare. All this really means is that this website brings an extra element of competition to the mobile phone selling and purchasing space, and it is still advisable to do your shopping around in order to know what is best for you and whether the convenience of receiving a direct transfer to your bank account as well as a courier service, is a benefit you find valuable to you.

iPhone 5s & 5c

This morning, Apple announced their newest iPhones and whilst this product has been leaked to the high heavens with almost every prediction being spot on.

The 5c is basically a cheap slightly improved version of the current iPhone 5 which is now discontinued.

The 5s comes with a new processor chip, supposedly better battery life and a much improved camera. Other new features include a thumbprint scanner for better security and a special processor that measures the movements of the phone, and other such data. Also significant is the transition to 64bit, which promises to make things even faster. All these announcements were anticipated and were pretty much predictable even without the massive leaks.

If you are a Singtel customer who wishes to renew his contract and get a new iPhone, the registration of interest page may be found


This trailer of a new movie based on the premise of being lost in space is terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Sandra Bullock in a departure for her is playing the main protagonist, and the story is of basically all things going wrong with the mission and being all alone out in space, with nothing and no one to save her. Whilst the reassuring voice of George Clooney is heard over the intercom, it becomes quite apparent that she really is all alone. I’m really looking forward to this film, and from you can check out the trailer *in 2K resolution no less* below. Continue reading “Gravity”

Sony’s BACK! – Massive Launch @ IFA

Sony has announced a massive swathe of products at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin. From cameras of all sorts to curved TVs to new cellphones and earphones, there’s something for everyone. Do check out my flickr here for pics of my favourites from the announcement!

One of the biggest standouts for me this year is the introduction of the Lens Cameras, the QX10 and QX100. A truly unique new concept that pairs Sony’s awesome lens and sensor technology with the device that everyone has in their pockets already, their smartphones. The lens cameras are compact in size, which is a major selling point as they are paired to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. This then allows for the ability to take some truly unique shots, in hard to reach places, or of selfies without the trouble.

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The Lengths We Go To – SQ’s Latest Ad Campaign

Singapore Airlines has launched their new ad campaigned entitled “The Lengths We Go To” which is intended to chronicle the great lengths that Singapore Airlines will go to ensure that their customers are comfortable and enjoying themselves on their flight. The first ad, found above, shows the airline going to get the best teas from the heart of China, and evokes an air of exotic beauty, and authenticity that is very rapidly going missing in this day and age of speed and clinical efficiency.

Personally, I believe that this ad will go some way to reinforce the impression that SIA is the airline of choice for luxury and the high end. However, the unfortunate reality is, that Singapore Airlines is facing tremendous competition from all fronts, from the Middle Eastern “new legacy” carriers, to European carriers that are rapidly raising up their standards, as well as a more tight fisted world where travelling in front is truly restricted to the upper crust. Nevertheless, as has always been true of SIA’s unique selling point, the hope is that there will always be some space for consumers who desire a higher quality product and are willing to pay more for the privilege of doing so.

I’ve also included the making of video below, it’s pretty cool actually to see how they came up with this campaign.

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