Sony’s BACK! – Massive Launch @ IFA

Sony has announced a massive swathe of products at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin. From cameras of all sorts to curved TVs to new cellphones and earphones, there’s something for everyone. Do check out my flickr here for pics of my favourites from the announcement!

One of the biggest standouts for me this year is the introduction of the Lens Cameras, the QX10 and QX100. A truly unique new concept that pairs Sony’s awesome lens and sensor technology with the device that everyone has in their pockets already, their smartphones. The lens cameras are compact in size, which is a major selling point as they are paired to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. This then allows for the ability to take some truly unique shots, in hard to reach places, or of selfies without the trouble.

The QX10 is the lower end model, set to land at around 250 USD, uses a lower end sensor and lens package, but is also more compact and comes with 10x zoom. The QX100 on the other hand is pretty amazing, it comes with almost the same specs as the RX100 m2, which as many of you may know is considered the top of the line point and shoot camera, but with a top of the line price to match. The QX100 lands at around 450 USD, which is almost 300 dollars cheaper than the RX100m2. Release dates for these devices are sometime in October. Check out a video of the QX cameras in action here. 

I’m also pretty excited about the Xperia Z1 smartphone, out in October as well. In classic Sony fashion, it is svelte and packed to the brim with technology, such as a huge camera sensor and lens, a screen with the same tech as the latest Sony TVs, and it’s water resistant like the previous Xperia Z. The major unique selling point of this phone is its focus on camera tech. It’s available in black, blue and white and I prefer the white.

Finally I would like to highlight the new range of Sony headphones, which come in both In Ear and Over Ear iterations. Sony’s in ear earphones are called XBA-H, from Sony’s well loved XBA line of earphones. The picture shown is of the XBA-H2, and it looks quite different to Sony’s earlier XBA earphones. These earphones contain a mix of balanced armature drivers, and dynamic drives to provide richer sound. The flagship XBA-H3 also comes with this new technology called High Resolution Audio, which is supposed to improve the sound heard by the user. I’m also quite excited with the coming of Sony’s new over ear headphones called the MDR-10 range, which comes in 4 iterations, standard, noise cancelling, bluetooth and foldable. I’m most looking forward to the foldable and noise cancelling versions of these earphones.


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