Sony’s BACK! – Massive Launch @ IFA

Sony has announced a massive swathe of products at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin. From cameras of all sorts to curved TVs to new cellphones and earphones, there’s something for everyone. Do check out my flickr here¬†for pics of my favourites from the announcement!

One of the biggest standouts for me this year is the introduction of the Lens Cameras, the QX10 and QX100. A truly unique new concept that pairs Sony’s awesome lens and sensor technology with the device that everyone has in their pockets already, their smartphones. The lens cameras are compact in size, which is a major selling point as they are paired to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. This then allows for the ability to take some truly unique shots, in hard to reach places, or of selfies without the trouble.

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The Lengths We Go To – SQ’s Latest Ad Campaign

Singapore Airlines has launched their new ad campaigned entitled “The Lengths We Go To” which is intended to chronicle the great lengths that Singapore Airlines will go to ensure that their customers are comfortable and enjoying themselves on their flight. The first ad, found above, shows the airline going to get the best teas from the heart of China, and evokes an air of exotic beauty, and authenticity that is very rapidly going missing in this day and age of speed and clinical efficiency.

Personally, I believe that this ad will go some way to reinforce the impression that SIA is the airline of choice for luxury and the high end. However, the unfortunate reality is, that Singapore Airlines is facing tremendous competition from all fronts, from the Middle Eastern “new legacy” carriers, to European carriers that are rapidly raising up their standards, as well as a more tight fisted world where travelling in front is truly restricted to the upper crust. Nevertheless, as has always been true of SIA’s unique selling point, the hope is that there will always be some space for consumers who desire a higher quality product and are willing to pay more for the privilege of doing so.

I’ve also included the making of video below, it’s pretty cool actually to see how they came up with this campaign.

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10 Years of Skype

Those of you who even have an existence online, would know of Skype. That wonderful beautiful service that lets you communicate with anyone, anywhere at anytime, s’long as an internet connection is present. Now that it has come under the ownership of Microsoft and has been lovingly integrated with the former MSN Messenger, it is the instant messaging platform of choice of pretty much anyone. Skype is as much a cultural phenomenon as it is an everyday part of our lives, so much so that its presence goes beyond just our digital devices but also to our TV shows, movies and so on. Skype has put together a list of interesting Skype Cameos that can be found here. Here’s to another 10 years of Skyping, and hoping that Microsoft will only make this wonderful service bigger and better.

Dragging the Airline Industry into the 21st Century

Delta announced a tie up with Microsoft and Nokia for the Windows Phone 8 platform, and it’s quite interesting how this particular announcement will impact all parties involved. For the consumer, this is likely to make things easier and probably can and will create opportunites for experiences not unlike that which BA has recently tried to implement, where the passenger’s name is known to the flight attendant without even looking at your boarding card, or any introduction, to give the customer the feeling of an organisation that is pervasively aware of their customer. Whilst this might come off as creepy for some, I think it make also make for better more involved service… IF implemented correctly.

It’s definitely an interesting change and I would like to see how this would improve or change the passenger experience.

The Money Issue

I posted a comment on a recent post given by a fellow blogger, and got a few comments, mostly in the vein of: If we pay the ministers so much money, they should do a better job.

I completely reject such a mentality.

In the first place, it places money on some messed up pedestal. These people are paid money, whatever amount of it, presumably to do a good job. That’s the basic contract that any government has with its people, we as a nation take it on good faith that they aren’t implementing any policy for the death and destruction of the nation. To then say that just because they’re paid more money, they should provide more performance is an impossible cross to bear. Are we also saying that if the government were to slash salaries across the board that we can begin to expect less from government? I sincerely doubt that.

Whilst I agree that at a basic level, I feel a deep unease with what is objectively a very large paycheck. However, I also know that by emphacising on the monetary value of the paycheck, are we simply giving up on the other issues? Are we simply ending the conversation at, you should be doing better because you get paid more, and pushing all the blame on the government, when we should be saying, let’s do better! Let’s try and make it all work. And more importantly, if it doesn’t work, how do we make it better? These should be the questions we should be asking of the government, not simply making some trite comment about ministerial salary whenever the issue of our government comes up.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Diablo III has teased their next expansion, Reaper of Souls. It’s an important addition to the D3 universe, as frankly Diablo III was their weakest new game in a long time. The grinding is simply too much for most people and there’s only so much value you can squeeze out of that mechanism before it gets way too old for anyone who has a life outside the game. I think there’s much to look forward to here with the loot drop improvement, a whole new act, and the new character, The Crusader. All in all, I hope this will be a positive change for Diablo III and will most definitely be trying to get a copy of this game come launch day.