First Post. Since 2013

It’s been a pretty long time, how’ve you been?

If you’ve only known me through my blog, or my youtube channel, wow. Thanks for sticking around as a fan. But most of you probably know me as the rather tall dude who if you were asked to describe, you’d probably say “he’s a character, that one”, who’s a bit too loud, a bit too techy, and maybe had a few too many chocolates. I am hopefully a bit more than just those superficial things, but one can never really know in these instagrammy times, so you can only try your best to live your most authentic self online.

If you can indulge me a few quick thoughts in my first blogpost in a very long time, just to get a flavour of the unique kinda crazy that goes on in my brain…, here goes:

A purring cat on your elbow never gets old, never, their fur may prickle, their breath oddly fishy (we don’t feed our cats fish… why is their breath fishy), but the warmth and love you feel, all too real.

On that note, having a son is both the most joyous thing on earth, and frustrating thing on earth, one moment your heart is just melting, as he calls out too you, proud of [small but miraculous accomplishment that you’re sure he’s months to early to do] and next he is sucking on colour pencils or something.

Travel broadens the mind. To not only the miracles the world possesses, but also to the horrifying way tourists act when they’re abroad.

Apparently, in 12 years, the world as we know it would probably be over. And seeing the recent summer Europe and India is experiencing, seems totally legit.

Becoming a lawyer, trains you in a very specific but also mentally damaging way. You begin to see the world from an inherently cynical first glance. You understand why lawyers often go off and do something (comparatively) un-serious, because thinking and living your life in this way can be truly un-fun sometimes.

Ok, so now that I’ve let some of the crazy out, how’s everyone doing? Still with me? Hopefully this website can grow, and you can grow a little with me. Let’s see where this story takes us eh?

Jieq Jerrick Lim