Organising A Pizza Meet

My life has been irrevocably changed, for the better when me and NTT and I made the trip down to the fabulous Peperoni’s pizzeria @ Greenwood Avenue. It is a quaint little eatery with lots of down home style set up by the Les Amis Group. It’s co-located with its sister restaurants, L’estaminet and Sebastien’s. Now you must be wondering what on EARTH is an Italian restaurant doing amongst all these french restaurants and to tell you the truth, I don’t know either! But something must’ve gone right because this is TRULY the best pizza I’ve had in Singapore. The VALUE and the SERVICE combine to give me one heck of a good time.

So as it happens I’ve been busy getting all my buddies down, from the NSFs where I work to various other folks from all over. And did manage to get the sexeh Rinaz down for a VERY nice meal there. It was then I thought, maybe the Pingsters would love to come down and have a taste! So I spoke to Nadnut and Sheylara and with their approval we set about organising a little thing with with some supervision from their Pimp Daddy D.

Naturally, the Pingosphere was NOT gonna let us get away that easily and thus we are now 11 persons deep. And definately gonna have a GREAT time.

I just wonder though and I hope you pingsters will bear with me, how often does it happen that a small event between a few people can suddenly get transformed into some MASSIVE blowout event with more than double the original expected turnout? Its not that its necessarily a bad thing per se, but I just wonder if with the rise of the connected blogosphere, will we all be aware and looking in on others’ activities? And what sorts of opportunites does this offer for not just the harmless lookers on, but those with an agenda, as so clearly demonstrated by Sheylara’s blogpost here. Of course, the Ping gang is quite harmless and even though we have been very inclusive, we haven’t had too many controversies *well…* I still wonder how this may change in the future. What do you think ladies and Chiko gents out there?