I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry

This show is, contrary to our enlightened Newspaper’s opinion, actually quite worth that 7 dollars that I paid to watch it. Yes it had moments of puerile facile and just plain idiotic fun, but HELLO, did anybody get the memo? Its Adam Sandler, acting in a movie where he has a GAY marriage to a FAT man!? Hello? Did anybody not see the idiocy coming?

I am actually find it quite interesting though at the generally quite positive portrayals of gay people and the gay community in general. They aren’t shown as evil menacing church destroying people, though they are generally portayed as very effeminate, and well… just generally weird and into strange sexual stuffs, which naturally makes for fantastic comedy. Heheh. What am I saying, seeing that Black dude *Ving Rhames* prance around and singing Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna have fun… Or was it Chaka Khan’s I’m every woman… Whatever, That was hilarious.
Seriously, watch it if your have a chance. I found it one of Mr Sandler’s better attempts.