Tech65’s Condundrum

Lately it has come to our attention that certain users of Tech65’s blog have not been able to access our blog. And it appears that these users are by and large users of Singtel’s broadband service or of Wireless@SG’s broadband service. I am presently a user of Starhub for all of my communications services save for my cellphone service. As anyone can imagine it has been terrifyingly disappointing. I post my dear friend Farinelli’s (RenHao’s) post here for all to puruse (with some edits of my own):

For about two weeks, starting on the Saturday when we recorded our live show for the 65th episode of 65bits, has been inaccessible through Singnet broadband and wireless@sg. The only way we are aware of so far to get through this problem is to create a proxy at, port 8080.

I think we’re pretty sure it isn’t a block by Singnet, because 5% of the time it is accessible – a block wouldn’t let that happen. It is clearly some sort of connection problem, something that unfortunately after many many attempted solutions, have not lead to improved connections, and our confidence in the services provided by Singtel has completely failed at this juncture. Particularly because of the lack of support from Singtel themselves, something that has infuriated us very much.

This problem has affected our listenership very negatively, especially in recent episodes, even though many of our listeners subscribe to our show through iTunes and our RSS feeds, everything still has to go through our site, and not being able to connect to Tech65 has impeded our ability to continue providing service as many of our editors are on Singtel.

My dear readers and listeners, please blog about this as well on your respective spaces. Let the blogosphere know in your own way about this bizarre problem, and be sure to let us know if you are encountering the same problem with your site. We hope to resolve this soon and get our shows back on the smooth track.

Thank you for your support!

*Thanks to Fari for most of this text*


Xbox 360 2nd Anniversary Bloggers Meet

First things first, and even though the news IS already out but we WERE the first to hear this GLOBALLY so boo to BUT here’s the news Lucasarts’ new game, Force Unleashed will land September 16th in the United States, September 17th in Southeast Asia and Australia, and September 19th in Europe. YES. This game’ll be amazing and the videos we saw, but couldn’t take pictures of were ultimately incredible. The physics were out of this world and you really could see the power of the force completely unrestrained and unleashed. Amazing SICK stuff…

However, that was just one specific thing in an event that really did blow it out of the water for me. Interesting finger foods (though I have to ask, who serves chicken wings at an event without any cutlery/crockery at all…), great conversation, free flowing beverages, a TORRENT of things to do, see, interact with, talk about and finally a great looking location that was only slightly marred by its PHYSICAL location, a bit of a find if you ask me, but no matter. The people from Microsoft seemed genuinely interested in what we bloggers thought, and were actually reaching out to us and to try and get us psyched about the various Xbox games and so on, and I must say that the strategy worked!

One of the games that I want to talk about personally which really SPIKED my interest was this game Mirror’s Edge by EA. *Full Disclosure: Mom works there* This is a game based on the idea that in a world poisoned by an overbearing government, information has to get out, and this can only be done through Parkour-utilising, chop-socky Runners. I have not seen gameplay but from a video shown it involves lots of running round roof tops and fighting without ever picking up a GUN! Love the idea, hope the execution will be flawless and the record of DICE’s previous accomplishments (Battlefield series) inspires such confidence in me.

Let me round off by commending Microsoft for pursuing the blogosphere, and trying to reach out to the more unconventional sources of news and information. The microsofties have shown a LOT of love in general to us players in Singapore, with the sheer variety of games available, great product support in general and plenty of events to keep us interested. I had a PS2 and PS1 and I liked them, but its the Xbox 360 that I truly do love. So keep up the loving MSFT.

I’ve posted my pictures here. Please help me tag the photos properly!

Singapore has Rejoined the UNESCO

Singapore has rejoined the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation), making it the 193rd nation to do so, thus giving the UNESCO one more participant country then the actual United Nations itself. Fancy that!

Singapore has spent 22 years outside of the UNESCO and it has been more than high time that we return to the fold that brings ever so much to a nation, recognition for its cultural and national treasures, opportunities for exchange and interaction, for creating ethical standards and building consensus. In short it is an organisation that does so much good simply by getting its member nations to sit down and communicate, share and interact.

I applaud our Leaders’ wise decision in rejoining this community of fellows and look forward to the great bounty of cultural exchange and increased fellowship that can and will follow.

SMUN and a Quick Update

Ok, First up, latest news, I have a nice haircut and somehow I’ve managed to get my hair to become soft again but I think I still will have to condition it a lot, argh. And I finished a carton of Sobe Soy Bean Milk just now, so delish, but its like 1 whole litre of it. Lol. I also have the worst suntan in the history of mankind, why you may ask? Well as one stands in the sun for hours as one trains for the National Day Parade without the blessed protection of Sunblock, one’s tan will develop in the shape of one’s bent arms, or one’s uniform’s sleeves/collar. Thus I have a V-shaped burn on my neck, and like this ass shaped one on my forearm and triceps. Anyway…

Came back from SMUN yesterday and seriously I was amazed at how great the event was, I mean yeah, there were some organisation and logistical difficulties, but I pardon them because they were organised by students for students and didn’t have the guiding light of a dictatorial bureaucrat, a.k.a a teacher.

Anyway, Just a few points I have to make and hope that the Singaporean censors won’t get to me,
1) JC students in Singapore have CHANGED, i mean really, I always had this stereotype in my mind that JC students here were like muggalicious and totally unable to have fun, and right wingers, but it turns out they can have fun, and being a mugger is actually cool because it means when you relax-ay-voo you REALLY relax, and lastly, well I haven’t asked them bout their political opinions but they seem pretty liberal

2) I am not that different from them. Lol DUH right? But I was totally afraid that I’d be like the big tall guy who speaks with a funny accent and should be laughed at, but the people there were really quite accepting and completely easy to get along with, of course it probably helped that I was completely shameless at the conference and like did all kinds of embarrassing things.

3) If this is the direction Singapore, and Singaporeans are taking with regards to their political world view, and their view of themselves in the world, then I can say that I’m truly proud to be Singaporean, there’s no lack of enthusiasm for engaging with world issues, and definitely a desire to know, about history, about the future, about ‘most anything, and not just memorising f=ma or an-ions and cat-ions

and Lastly) F.A.M., the Food Aligned Movement, with its 6 or so permanent members will declare itself ready to eat and travel the distance to eat. We shall meet and enjoy the pleasures that comes with imbibing and quaffing and devouring.
















Pictures attached above

Biennale Singapore: First One Ever

Fantastic isn’t it, we are now the proud hosts of an event originally started by the ever fabulous Italians, the First Singapore Biennale!! And what better way to inaugurate an event than the slightly staid sounding IMF and World Bank Board of Governers Meeting. Looking at it sends chills down my spine!!!

The opening piece of installation art as seen below, was/is (could still be there)… very beautiful. If kid friendly. Which I believe is the whole point of art, coz if you can’t even get your most innocent, most precocious members of the audience to appreciate your work, how can you get the more experienced, more educated members of your audience to appreciate it. To the creator’s credit, I thought it was really something else, something so unique and beautiful, though shortlived.

My fervent apologies for the incredibly blurry pictures above, that’s the problem with nightime shots, you can’t use a flash if not everything else is just black in colour, so yeah, those pictures above are the pictures Gloria and I took of the installation art, with varying degrees of sucess, either way, enjoy!

The poem shown above, though I did not manage to catch it all, was a stunning example of pure ingenuity. City Hall, was decked out in pink coverings, all over the windows and such with subversive(?) writings and such, and the beautiful white font, clear though this beautiful white font, the columns sort of obscured the writing, so unfortunately I did not manage to catch it, I am however, very much intrigued by this poem and given the chance I would definately make an effort to have a look see.

Anyhoos. It was a night to remember, for it spectacularly told us all you really needed to know about the Singapore party scene. (or any house party hosted by SSIS people at 9 pm) People were standing around, nodding, walking away horrified at the music being played, or just standing there stunned that they made sound systems that could pump out such noises, while a few slightly rockier people were, WHOO HOOing and dancing, and screaming… the singers/rappers/screamers/insane manic depressed persons on stage were, to be polite, not at all to my taste, while their bands were really quite good. I really really liked their string players, totally in the spirit of things and definately rocking. So all in all, just bordering on acceptable? God, I’m such a bitch. Its art, darling, you’re not supposed to know that the artists are saying, its their creative vision… etc etc.

After leaving the Padang, we sauntered off to Boat Quay, where we managed to get into Q Bar, and I must say, this place was definately a lot cooler than many places I’ve been to, though definately too smokey for my taste. It was cool though afterwards, we walked the stretch of Boat Quay, and settled down at Harry’s Bar, which coincidentally you can also find in Suzhou, and I passed by the Harry’s in Venice too. There’re just too many Harry’s. Anyway, I had an Erdinger, Great German Beer, and got red (I just know you Suzhou folks are reminicing about my famous 1/16 Margarita incident). Gloria has a Kilkenny and didn’t like it much. So we all stomped off to the Metro, (MRT lah, I know but must internationalify it for the foreigners) and I prepared to go off, to the warm comforts of my bed. But no, I ended up at Gloria’s neighbourhood 24 hour prata store, and had 2 Kosongs (basically a flat crispy pancake, tastes 100 times better than it sounds). Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was surreal, having prata till 2 in the morning, but hey, its my one life, I’ll live it the way I want to… albeit without too much drinking, no smoking, and definately no drugs, but hey! I rock, I roll, and I definately have the physical proportions to roll!!! So Yeah! Don’t tell me I’m Staid!

I leave you with this picture of the St. Andrews Cathedral. Because I can;)


Well, so it was 11:10 this morning, and my friend Bee rang on the doorbell and caused me to literally LEAP up from my bed. Why am I still in bed at 11:10 in the morning? I slept at 3 am last night. Why did I sleep at 3 am last night? Believe it or not, because I was reading. Yes, I am a read-aholic. I need help.

Or maybe not. After all, it is for the betterment of myself. Yes, I said betterment. Chim Words are spouting out of me. Ladies, you can start flocking to me now, I try to better myself from a Lemonade swilling lush sitting around watching Oprah Primetime, to a Smoothie swilling lush sitting around watching Jamie Oliver! Yes! Jamie Feeking Oliver!

I will not swear on this site, I’m determined to keep this a rated PG-13 site. So I will be making use of such colourful words as Feeking, BrotherPucker etc as I think them up! Enjoy!

I am currently thinking about what I want to eat for lunch.

Strange New Worlds

As I begin making use of this new blog for announcing to the world strange and new discoveries I have made, I will also hope to provide a fresh and altogether unconventional perspective to you, my dear readers! Yes, we are about to embark on a whole new journey together, one that will be hopefully filled with fun, sun, puns and most importantly, enough dry wit to make a martini.

Now, that the hard part’s over. Time to properly introduce myself. My name is Jerrick Lim Jieq. The Jieq is an embarassment provided by my lovely Father, who I will thank eternally for making my life ever so much more complete. After all who doesn’t need a Q at the back of his name! I do very much like that about my name actually, as the Lao Wais i.e Gui Los, ang mohs, foreigners, will have a hell of a time trying to pronounce my name. Even though it is probably the simplest Chinese name anyone can have. 林杰 is how it is written in mandarin. Lin Jie is the pinyin pronounciation. Why he couldn’t have simply used Lim Jie is beyond me. My name it is, its over and done, lets move on. (I bitch about myself, isn’t that refreshing)

Up until recently, I lived in the fair city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Spent two years of the best years of my life, breathing in the fumes of progress, the dust of industrialisation, and did not manage to get any action from the fair ladies of Suzhou! (I apologise to you Gloria in advance, I am wearing my ring, please don’t rape me… well… I’ll put up a token show of resistance) Nevertheless, it was a life changing experience, where I met fascinating people from many different countries. All of whom are and will remain my friends.

Upon moving back to Singapore in early July of this year of 2006, I have discovered a Singapore not much different from the Singapore of 2 and a 1/2 years ago. The people are still friendly, (contrary to what the Reader’s Digest says… We’ll come back to that some other time). The food fantastic, the heat reassuring, the people fascinating. I could go on. There is however one change in my horison. I will shortly be joining the Armed Forces of Singapore(sic) . I will be undergoing mind numbingly dull work, and naturally will be stripped of all my individuality. I say it like its a good thing eh? Of course, you, my dear readers, will provide a suitable outlet. Or at least an avenue for me to have intelligent conversation with the world. So I thank you in advance, patient readers, for you, *sniff sniff* make me who I am…

The choice of name Crossed Destinations is rather simple. For although the title Coffee, Black, is just about a handle for me. (pichu1988, Yes well, let us move past that shall we?) I needed something unique for my blog. It seems rather apt in my opinion. Afterall, I live in a country that is crossed between two worlds, the East and the West, I recently left a country in the process of reasserting its own foothold on the world, trying valiently to fuse Eastern and Western influences, Communist (yes well Technically Communist if you want to nitpick) and Capitalist, Totalitarian and Democratic, etc. It seems to me that my life is frequently about crossings, about 十字路口, so why not make a blog about my adventures through the meandering places that I cross, about the beautiful and the fugly. I think I may even surprise myself in the process, and hopefully, dear reader, I will surprise you.