Gravity – Review

The standout movie of this season has GOT to be Gravity, and my eagle eyes scored me an early screening *for Singapore* at GV Vivocity.

HOLY. SH*T. This is a good movie. The trailer says it all really, and there are many twists and turns that keep you constantly on the edge of your seat. Whilst it is doubtful that actual space travel entails… whatever this movie entails, the movie takes the movie going experience and just smashes it into a whole other level.

3D had its coming out party with Avatar, but this movie, is 3D’s graduation. Everything about it is beautiful, there is genuinely not one moment where you would go. HA that’s CGI, or HA that’s greenscreen. Everything in this movie looks stunningly perfect. From the stunning vistas, to the deep dark emptiness of night, this movie HAS to be seen in 3D. It’s never overplayed, but serves to immerse you fully in its majesty and beauty.

The acting on this film is stellar. With a startlingly spartan cast of 3, Sandra Bullock spends most of this movie alone, cocooned in her spacesuit. She does however, bring it. The dark intensity of a lost soul. the fear and terror of losing everything in space. The desperate scramble to survive when it seems like everything is conspiring to kill you. Every moment of this movie is focused solely on Sandra Bullock’s character and she delivers every shot with perfect clarity and often painstakingly transparent vulnerability. George Clooney also brings a good performance, though he is basically playing the same guy from every movie he’s been in since… whenever. A character who I love. But is starting to get a little repetitive.

Almost every review of this movie has been glowing and mine will be the same. Alfonso Cuaron has destroyed every other space movie ever made with his gentle and stunningly compelling piece, to which I say, Bravo.

6/5 Stars. I cannot recommend this movie enough.