Jerrick Lim

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Legal - Tech - Food - Up in the Air

Having spent many years in the wilderness of tech podcasting, and placing my tongue on too many pieces of freshly released tech, I am now all grown up (ish) and ready to appear professional with a snazzy website. I am a legal professional in my days and by nights, a father of one.

Current interests include Food and Travel, as well as fancying myself as a Clooney-esque character in a version of Up in the Air.

I had a print of this. Cannot believe I am seeing this in person now.
What kinda tree is this?


I’m using this website to share a bit more of me with the world, and try and move away from being so reliant on the social media platforms of the world. Let’s see how long this lasts eh? If all else fails at least it’s a more modern take on my previous circa 2013 Wordpress.